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    Issue on strange number format behaviour in IR with Windows 7


      RHi all,

      some weeks ago I changed my laptop and reinstalled Hyperion Interactive Reporting Studio ( version) on Windows 7, using OracleInteractiveReportingClients.exe file extracted by  ClientInstallers-11123.zip file downloaded from Hyperion Foundation Services Downloads .


      After that, all my old BQY files present a strange format for number and real: for example 0 is represented as 0,000000000000000.00


      It's unbeliveble that on the old laptop (same IC and W7 version) all was OK.


      The only workaround I've found to fix this issue is to set the regional settings  changing decimal separator from ',' to '.'

      As this workaround is not helpful for Italian setting and affects other programs as Excel, anybody knows a permanent fix for IR?

      Thanks in advance