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    Planning workflow query




      I have set up a planing unit hierarchy with bottom up type. When the work flow is not started, the user(lets us say User1) is able to see the cell as editable in the web form for a particular entity/Scenario/version combination. Once the work flow is started, the cell is getting read-only.


      1- So in the planning unit hierarchy, I made the user1 as reviewer and user2 as owner in the promotional path

      2- Started the work flow using admin

      3- Logged in as user2 and promoted the entity to User1

      3- Logged as User1 - Still he is able to see the cell as read-only( My understanding is: he should be able to enter the data in the cell for that entity/scenario/version combination)


      Can anybody guide me, if I am missing something



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          Anthony Dodds



          It is my understanding that reviewers will only get Read Only access when promoted to. They would need to be an owner and not a reviewer in the promotion path when using bottom up approvals





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            Hi Anthony - Thanks for the info.


            Already I have a owner and It is not possible to make more then one user as owner . The requirement is: the reviewer will review the data which is readonly, but he may also update data if required.


            Is there a way to do this in planning workflow?



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              Vikram B



              Well I do not have a running instance of open in front of me but a couple of points I can think of and relate to in


              - For the task list have you assigned the right privileges to the users "Manage and Assign" that should help the user to edit the form as well once promoted to them.

              - Do the scenario's and version have write access to all these?

              - In is there a concept of current location and owner? If yes and if I'm not wrong that needs to be at the same location as the owner to edit the form.


              Please let us know.


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                Users are not using task list. they are browing the forms and manage approval to do this.

                Yes - they have write access to scenario/version/entity - that's why the user is able to write when the work flow is not stared. The cell is readonly only after starting the workflow.

                In - I dnot see the current location. owner is there which I have assigned.



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                  Anthony Dodds



                  No, the default route for bottom up is to start with Owners (Write Access), who promote. If you have reviewers then they are owners, but with read only access next in the process. If the reviewer was to promote to the next level in the hierarchy then that would be write access (as long as they are setup as Owners).


                  So in summary. When setting up your hierarchy, owners will have write access and then reviewers have read only access (For that planning unit). The same user who has been setup as a reviewer can also be an owner higher up in the hierarchy and then they would get write access. So bottom up uses a hierarchy of owners (Reviewers just review)


                  What you could do (Not sure if this is on In the owners, instead of assigning a user, assign a group. Both users are then in that group. The second user can be a reviewer and if they want to enter data they reject the promotion back down and then as they are in the group they will have write access.