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    Discoverer connection error on AIX


      Hi all


      I installed discoverer on AIX. I could not loaunch discoverer viewer / plus.


      Its throwing

      A connection error.
      http://jaapfareprd12:8097/discoverer/cabo/images/t.gif- Attempt 1. CORBA protocol : 0 of 1 processes started. Hint: An administrator can further diagnose connection problems by running the "checkdiscoverer" script under /u01/orawls1035/asinst_1/Discoverer/<DISCOVERER_COMPONENT_NAME>/util.


      I ran checkdiscoverer.sh



      here is the out put

      Initializing ORB...

      ORB initialized successfully.


      Checking for Discoverer "ServicesStatus"...

      "ServicesStatus" is running.


      Checking the adminstrator set soft limit on no. of sessions ...

      Current value of soft limit = 50 sessions.

      Hint: Administrators can increase the soft limit on Discoverer sessions by modifying

      "//ias-component[id='Discoverer_asinst_1']/process-type[id='SessionServer']/process-set/@maxprocs" attribute in the file /u01/orawls1035/asinst_1/config/OPMN/opmn/opmn.xml


      Checking for Discoverer Preference Server component...

      Found Discoverer Preference Server component.


      Binding to Discoverer Server...

      0 of 1 processes started.

      java.lang.Exception: 0 of 1 processes started.

              at oracle.disco.diagnostics.OPMNHelper.checkSession(Unknown Source)

              at oracle.disco.diagnostics.Diagnostics.bindToServer(Unknown Source)

              at oracle.disco.diagnostics.Diagnostics.checkOPMN(Unknown Source)

              at oracle.disco.diagnostics.Diagnostics.checkDiscoverer(Unknown Source)

              at oracle.disco.diagnostics.Diagnostics.main(Unknown Source)


      Error: Failed to bind to Discoverer Server.



      Checking that the machine has only one network card...