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    Composite form menu Issue


      Hi -

      I have a compsoite form with  menu(attach with business rule).  Actually I have attached the menu to one of the simple form and I can run it from the composite form


      When I am running the business rule using the right click menu on the compsoite form, after the rule is completed, the page is returning to the simple form(which is hidden).


      Ideally the page shuold return to the compsosite form where I am doing the right click menu?  Is it normal?




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          I know this situation.

          I am in v11., we turned the ADF interface off, and I had the exact same thing happen to me.

          When you are editing the Menu item, there is a checkbox near the bottom that says "Launch in separate window". Checking this box allows the composite form to stay, and the BR pop-up will open in a new window, thereby preserving your composite view.