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    Auto-approval tolerance for a Standard Purchase Order


      Dear Friends,


      I have an issue on Auto-approval tolerance for a Standard Purchase Order.




      My purchase order unable to get auto-approved after changing the promised date and need by date with in or equal to 30 days tolerance.

      Here i set Promised date as 30 days and Need by date as 30 days.


      Purchasing Superuser-->Setup-->Tolerance Routing-->Change Order


      For the first time i set Promised date as 01-Sep-14 and Need-by Date as 15-Sep-14, sent the Standard Purchase Order for approval,it has got approved for the first time, (Followed the full hierarchy).


      Now i have changed the promised date to 30-Sep-14 and Need-By date to 14-Oct-14, which is equal to 30 days. Purchase Order got revised here and when i sent for approval, it should get auto-approved.


      But in my case the revised PO is following the full hierarchy, by not getting auto-approved.


      Please suggest me.

      Shruthi Ballari