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    Difference between rwservlet and rwserver




      I installed Oracle Developer Suite 10g on my local PC and everything is working fine accept that I cannot understand the difference between rwservlet and rwserver as in the following context:


      When run the following command in command prompt it starts up rwserver. Is this the same as running the report servlet after I start the OC4J instance. What's the difference between the two or are they the same?

      rwserver server=localhost start



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          Jayaprakash -Oracle



          No, they are different... rwserver is a command to start a report server where as rwservlet is a mount point of reports Servlet in oc4j_bi_forms ..

          so when you execute a URL of type http: //host: /port/reports/rwservlet?report=<name of report>&destyp=cache&desformat=pdf&server=<name of report server>....

          This is what is called as running a report's servlet.


          The command rwserver server=localhost will start a report server of name localhost.


          There are two types of report server, Once In-process ( deployed within OC4j_BI_Forns) and others standalone.


          rwserver command is used to start a standalone report server, Whereas In-process report server is auto deployed and managed by OC4j_BI_forms...


          so if you want to start a In-process report server just after OC4j_BI_forms, just execute a reports servlet without server parameter.. it will check status of in-process report server and if not running will start it.


          For more information on this request you to please post the query in the below Reports Forms :-


          Oracle Reports (MOSC)




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            Rzuluaga - Oracle-Oracle


            1.1.5 Oracle Reports Servlet

            Oracle Reports Servlet (rwservlet) is a component of Oracle Reports Services that translates and delivers information between either a Web Server or a Java EE Container (for example, Oracle WebLogic Server) and the Reports Server, enabling you to run a report dynamically from your Web browser.

            1.1.6 Oracle Reports Server

            Oracle Reports Server (rwserver) is a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware that provides reporting services to execute, distribute, and publish your reports for enterprise-wide reporting. This component processes client requests, including user authentication, scheduling, caching, and report distribution. Use Oracle Reports clients such as Oracle Reports Servlet (rwservlet), Reports JSP, and Oracle Reports Client (rwclient) to send a report to Oracle Reports Server (generally referred to as Reports Server).



            1.1 Introduction to Oracle Reports


            Thanks Roberto