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    APEX 5.0EA2 - Modal form does not close properly


      I have a master/detail form (detail rows are in tabular format). The detail part of the form in turn calls a modal form which allows you to edit the detail data. The modal form launches properly and I can see the detail info within it, with the correct number of fields. The problem is when I use the buttons within the modal form to either cancel and/or apply changes. It is supposed to go back to my original master/detail page. The odd part is that when I press one of the buttons in the modal window... all the content within the window disappears... but the modal window itself stays visible on the screen. I have to press the 'X' to close the modal window in order to get back to my master/detail form. If this is supposed to be how it works, I find the functionality very odd. One would think that if I'm applying changes and/or cancelling out of the window that it should not only clear the content within this form but it should also get rid of the window entirely. I wouldn't think you should have to use the cancel button and then turn around and press the 'X' to close the modal window.


      I realize that certain people would want to perform different functions within these modal type windows, but it seems to me that when you are performing an action such as applying changes or using the cancel button, that you would want it to close the window entirely and take you back from where you came. There may be a way to physically close the window (ie via javascript) so if anyone has any good ideas on how to do this, please let me know.