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    P6 Professional Setup Fails


      After several attempts, I find the P6 Professional Setup always fails to complete successfully. Here's the background:


      * Downloaded media pack V46368-01.zip and extracted to temporary directory

      * Launched P6Pro.msi

      * Followed dialogs, install proceeds until Status of 'Publishing Product Features' is reached

      * Error message: 'Could not write value PM to key Products\63691DA67C538B34ABE9991AF209E95C\Features'


      Workarounds I've tried:


      * Disconnect from internet, disable anti-virus, run setup

      * Clone a virtual machine of a clean Windows 7 installation and run setup in clone


      Workarounds yield same result.


      Using SysInternalsSuite Process Monitor, I can confirm that:


      'RegSetValue' operation by process 'msiexec.exe' on path 'HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UserData\S-1-5-18\Products\63691DA67C538B34ABE9991AF209E95C\Features\PM' has a result of 'INSUFFICIENT RESOURCES'.


      The probable cause is that the REG_SZ length is 1,076,266.


      Any suggestions?


      UPDATE - Possible Workaround

      Although the doc claims a log file is created during installation, I never could locate one. So, after researching the command line options for the msi installer, I decided to force a log file to see if that would provided more detailed info on the problem.


      I opened a command prompt (cmd.exe) as admin and executed the following:


      msiexec /l PM.log /i p6pro.msi


      Amazingly, the install completed without error! Just to ensure I had a clean install, I did an uninstall followed by an install:


      msiexec /l PM.log /x p6pro.msi

      msiexec /l PM.log /i p6pro.msi


      Both completed without error and P6 is now installed. WTF! Leave it to Oracle to publish an installer which does not actually install correctly.

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          Raise an SR on it they usually respond very quickly and will share your desktop to resolve it. Obviously you must have a legitimate licence and a maintenance agreement. If You do not hen I suggest very strongly that you do it will save you lots of time and money in the long run :-)