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    How can we get Planning logged users information? Is there a way to know IP and user name / application name for each logged user in Planning 11.1.2?


      We're trying to get login Planning information, in order to know how many active users we have.
      We'd like to know date / user name / IP address / Planning application.

      We've tried enabling Planning auditing, we have lots of information there, but only for users who make any changes (no information on viewer users). And we don't have IP address there.
      We've found some useful logs in \user_projects\domains\EPMSystem\servers\Planning0\logs, we see IP address there, but we cannot see neither user name nor Planning application used there, and its deleted after some service restart.

      Is there a way to know IP address / user name / Planning application for each user's log in?

      We're using Planning 11.1.2 version.