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    Issue while performing cascade recieving


      Hi All,


      We are facing issue while performing cascade receiving ( Allow Cascade Receiving is checked ) through MSCA ( Mobile ) .

      Normally, we put the BPA and Item  # and the system picks the the release shipment with Need by date (NBD) on FIFO basis.


      But we have got few cases where system didn't picked the release shipment with NBD on FIFO basis for few items, instead it picked the release shipments with future NBD's.


      Let me give you an example -


      For a item, say  I have 3 releases against the same BPA 1,2 and 3 with NBD as 18-08-14, 19-08-14 and 20-08-14 respectively.

      Now, when I performed receiving on 15-08-14 by passing BPA and Item # , system didn't picked the rel # 1 which was having NBD as 18-08-14,  instead it picked the release shipments ( rel # 2 and rel # 3 )  which were having future NBD's. This means that  there is an issue with cascade receiving.


      This happened only for few items and specifically two releases. ( one is rel # 1 in our example )

      Surprisingly when I checked the receiving transactions on 15-08-2014 , I found that for these problematic releases  ( Rel # 1 in our example )  cascade worked systematically for other items.

      I was suspecting that the   those two release  might not be approved at the time of  receiving, but as I mentioned that cascade worked systematically for those two releases for other items which were received on  same day i.e 15-08-2014 and almost at the same time.


      I checked for the PO history for those two releases and there was no change made to these releases on  15-08-2014 .


      Also, When  checked I found that the release shipments ( for which cascade didn't worked)  are now  in open status and not closed for receiving . But I suspect that someone might have made those release shipments ( for which cascade didn't worked) as " Closed for Receiving " on  15-08-2014   causing system not to pick this release and later opened them as now those release shipments are in open status now.


      Please let me know if there is any way to find the history for status updates.


      Just to add, please note that we put only BPA # and item # while performing receipts (  and not the rel # ) when the cascade didn't worked systematically .


      Request you all to reply at the earliest on what might the root cause for this issue.


      Thanks & Regards,