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    Noaccess to Data forms


      Hello Experts

      I have a requirement like I need to give access to ICP Admin,Consolidation,Creating Journals So What I did have given the same access and assign the default security class with All access in HFM,But when I logedin with that user when I am not able to see Consolidate options on the dataforms and how and cannot see any data in the data forms so please let me know like do I need to create any security class or I can go with default security.


      Thanks in advance for quick repliers

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          Thanos A.

          Hi there,


          Have you checked the process management to be on the correct review level?





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            Hi Thanks for your reply and I have a few queries like could you explain me

            I got few roles to assign to a user for giving the access to HFM app For this requirement I did few things could you correct


            1.Opened the shared services ,created a user and assigned all the roles what they requested

            2.When I click on Assign access control I got that user when I searched and got few security classes? So here I have a confusion like Can I select any security class among those security classes or Can I create any security class name and assigning the access rights?

            3.After creating or assigning one of the security class Where I need to give that security class in the dimension library dimension's so Do I need to give for all the dimensions which has security class attribute?

            4.What is the purpose of Default security class?Can I use this Default security class for giving the access to different tasks like ICP ,Consolidate,Journals...as above mentioned.


            I think you know that I am not aware of this HFM Security,could you give me very detailed explanation with example.


            Thanks for your patience and prompt reply.

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              The process which you followed to create roles and security classes are correct. But here you must know the thing is roles and security classes are entirely different. We assign roles to users who are required to perform specific tasks. For example one user is responsible for only perform ICP related tasks, so we assign ICP related roles to that particular user. Whereas coming to security classes, by using these security classes we can either restrict or allow to access scenario, account, entity, custom dimensions. For example if you want to restrict specific users to access a particular entity(USA), then you can create security class  with name of 'US' and you need to add these security class to Entity (USA) Dimension Member. Then you can assign that security class to particular users with access(None, All, Metadata, Read, Promote) based on your requirement.


              1) The way you did is correct for assigning roles to users

              2)Yes, you can select any security class or you can create any security class, but you have to select security class and assign rights based on business requirement.

              3) After creating security class, you have to add that security class to dimension library. We need not to give for all dimensions. We have to add particular Dimension Member for which we created security class.

              4) Most probably Default security class have access right as 'All'. You have to assign any security class to Dimension Members based on access right and business requirement. Security classes and Roles(ICP, Consolidate, journals) are entirely different.



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                In dataform there is no option for consolidation, u can create grid for consolidation.




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                  Thanos A.

                  Hi Bhaskar,


                  This is not correct. When you are on a webform and assuming that you have both the correct role (Consolidate) and the correct provision to the POV (the security class access for this POV should be All), you should be able to calculate/consolidate.