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    Downloading OBIEE repository using WLST


      Hi all,


      I'm currently trying to download the OBIEE repository using a WLST script.

      I'm aware of the solution to upload the repository, but a same sort of solution does not work for downloading the repository.


      MBean: oracle.biee.admin:type=BIDomain.BIInstance.ServerConfiguration,biInstance=coreapplication,group=Service

      Operation Name: downloadRepository

      Description: Downloads the repository file to a path specified in rpdFilePath. Suggested sequence is: lock(), resyncRepository(), simpleCommit(), getRepositoryName(), downloadRepository(...).

      Return Type: void


      When I try this in my script:


      params =  jarray.array(["d:\\download.rpd"],java.lang.Object)

      sign =  jarray.array(["java.lang.String", "java.lang.String"],java.lang.String)

      invoke("downloadRepository", params, sign)


      I receive an error:

      WLSTException: Error occured while performing invoke : Error while doing an invoke. : java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Could not find MBean operation "downloadRepository(java.lang.String, java.lang.String)" for MBean registered under "oracle.biee.admin:type=BIDomain.BIInstance.ServerConfiguration,biInstance=coreapplication,group=Service" and implemented by "class oracle.bi.management.adminservices.mbeans.impl.ServerConfigurationMBeanImpl"


      How do I succeed in downloading the repository?


      Thank you.