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    What is difference btw schema.core.xml and schema.user.xml in OVD




      New to OVD, I'm looking at Oracle's OVD configuration properties Docoument

      I'm confused with list of schema files on OVD especially difference between schema.core.xml and schema.user.xml

      In the oracle document it mentioned  as below.

      Typically, the last file identified is schema.user.xml. Any and all changes to schema are applied to the schema.user.xml file to ensure standard files, such as schema.core.xml, remain unchanged between releases, but can also be virtually modified by having the changes in schema.user.xml override default-shipped schema in schema.core.xml.

      If you are installing a manufacturer supplied schema (in DSML form), identify this file in the second to last file in the list of schema files. This will protect the distributed manufacturer file from modification while allowing local customization, which is then stored in schema.user.xml.

      Based on above two paragaraphs i came to one understanding but i just want to hear from you what exactly its trying to say about those two files.


      Not sure what exactly above mean can someone explain lettle in detail

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          Sylvain Duloutre-Oracle



          The LDAP schema used by OVD is shipped as  several XML files such as schema.core.xml, schema.cosine.xml, schema.inetorperson.xml, schema.nis.xml etc. depending on in which RFC the attribute and object classes are defined.

          All changes to these schemas (if any) are always applied to schema.user.xml, so this file contains all the custom attribute types & objetclasses.


          Hope this clarifies a bit





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