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    Google Map Issue in OBIEE - Subject area not getting associated


      Hi Gurus,
      We are trying to integrate Google map and OBIEE via mapviewer. We have done the following already - 
      1. Loaded World Sample data from Navteq.
      2. Configured mapviewer source and added Google map as a tile layer with the API KEY.
      3. Imported one layer (e.g. M_STATES_ABRV) in OBIEE and linked it with BI subject area (tried this step with importing other layers as well)
      4. Added background map.
      Now , in this step when we add the layer in the map, we select M_STATES_ABRV and change zoom levels. But Once we come back to main screen after Clicking OK, we see the background map is not associated with the subject area. Hence any map view report creation with this subject area fails.

      We have the tried the same theme with Oracle Maps (internal type like WORLD  MAP or DEMO MAP), it works fine. only Google Map gives this issue.
      This was not expected. Please suggest what we missed. We tried with cache clear, tile delete and recreation, service restart almost everything .
      We looked into other threads in this community, different oracle support documents - Doc ID 1485088.1,Doc ID 1346805.1 etc  and in different internet blogs -  where it's easy as child's play, but we are still out of luck.
      OBIEE version -
      Environment- windows server 2008 R2

      Please suggest.