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    seeking clarification on changeEventPolicy


      Steve Muench has lucidly explained the importance of changeEventPolicy="ppr" in his comment on this blog: Andrejus Baranovskis Blog: Evil Behind ChangeEventPolicy PPR in CRUD ADF 12c and WebLogic Stuck Threads


      However, here is my use-case which leaves me confused:

      Jdev version: Build JDEVADF_12.


      Pages are facelets in unbounded taskflow. Page A displays Regions in a single row-selection table. There is a button to open Page B in a new browser using "dialog:<controlFlow>" case. Page B is a form displaying the Region from the currently selected row in Page A.

      Now, user modifies Region Name, hits Save button, which commits the data and calls adfFacesContext.returnFromDialog which closes the page B browser window.


      However, page A doesn't refresh though the value of the attribute in the iterator has changed. Programmatic ppr of page A reflects the updated value of Region Name. Kindly help.