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    How to remove orphan iscsi target entries




      I'm running a solaris 10 1/13 x86 system and do have some orphan iscsi target entries still listet using 'iscsitadm list target' . But the base directory is no more, so 'iscsitadm delete target ...' does find the necessary information no more:


      r# iscsitadm delete target -u 0 iqn.1986-03.com.sun:02:2eb786ab-e6c9-624f-d7ad-a3c711f1f3f5.test

      iscsitadm: Error Target not found


      How do I get rid of these old data about target , which are no longer in use?

      Already moved away the db file from /etc/iscsi , but the entries still persist.




      thank you very much,



      cheers, frank