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    Create database using DBCA takes very long time (16 hours)

    Little Foot-Oracle

      Hi Guys,


      2-node RAC database creation takes lot of time.

      Grid :

      Solaris T5

      SATA disks

      Network : IPMP - public and 2 nics for private interconnect

      NTP disabled.
      kernel parameters set.

      Packages are available.


      No issues faced during runcluvfy.sh utility.


      But the dbca took nearly 16 hours to complete,

      Now creating/deleting a single empty table takes more time.

      SQL> set timing on

      SQL> create table tt_hari(a number);


      Table created.


      Elapsed: 00:03:09.92


      Please help me to identify the issue.


      Thanks and Regard,