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    Urgent Security issue: No Access


      Hi All,


      I have a requirement to create a user and assign some roles from HFM application, so


      1) I have created a user and assigned the roles requested as below



      Consolidate All
      Consolidate All with Data
      Create Journals
      Data Form Write Back from Excel
      Enable write back in Web Grid
      Generate Recurring
      Inter-Company Transaction Admin
      Inter-Company Transaction Auto Match by Account
      Inter-Company Transaction Auto Match by ID
      Inter-Company Transaction Manual Match
      Inter-Company Transaction Match Template
      Inter-Company Transaction User
      Load Excel Data
      Load System
      Lock Data
      Manage Custom Documents
      Manage Data Entry Forms


      2) Provided security class to the metadata.

      3) Assign access control, where i have assigned write access for Default as well as one of security class assigned for metadata.

      4) While launching the security report as per roles and classes, report runs continuously till i close the browser.

      5) Loggined with the newly created user and tried to create new data grid, but it was showing NOACCESS.


      Can any one guide me to resolve the issue. do i need to provide any access more that this.


      Thanks in Advance.