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    Issue in migrating a SQL Server 2008 database into Oracle 11g R2 64 bit Using SQL developer 3.2

    Kiran Kambhampati Oracle DBA

      Hi Friends,


      My requirement is to convert a database from SQL server 2008 to Oracle 11g 64 bit schema. To complete this activity I used sql developer 4.2 and got stuck with error " SQL Error on Script
      Execution Try Deleting Repository Before Creating Repository" .


      When I try to delete a repository from the target Oracle connection it was deleting the repository and displaying the message as "Removal of Repository is completed however there was an issue with removal 1. The connection is not open 2. The Repository is corrupted 3.There was no repository in this connection The db objects has not been removed . The Registered connection was removed from the list of migration repositories.


      After the above process I again  tried to associate the repository and migrate the database. After migration it was displaying a message as " Migration completed successfully".


      However I am unable to see the migrated objects.


      Requesting to help me out of this issue.