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    OS group id for External Table Issue

    Soumyajit Haldar



      I have a distibuted environment where application and database are residing in two different unix servres. OS UID and GID for the user oracle:oinstall is different in two servers and thus we have an extra group ext_dba whose GID is same accross the server to access the files from application generated by db.


      My application is EBS R12 (12.1.3) and database is Both are running on Redhat Linus 5.8.


      Everything is working fine for me except the files generated with EXTERNAL_TABLE. If I use UTL_FILE, files are generated with owner as oracle:ext_dba and thus can be accessed from application without any issue, however, if I execute the below SQL, the files are generating as oracle:oinstall, however the log file for the same is generated as oracle:ext_dba which causing my read from application to fail.


      Any help is much appreciated.


      Create table all_objects_xt

      organization external


        type oracle datapump

        default directory custom_dir

        location ('allobj_25Aug.dmp')


      parallel 4


      select * from all_objects;


      The files are generating as below:


      $ ls -ltr allobj_15Aug.dmp

      -rw-r----- 1 oracle oinstall 9039872 Aug 25 15:58 allobj_25Aug.dmp


      $ ls -ltr all_objects_xt_2532.log

      -rw-r--r-- 1 oracle ext_dba 41 Aug 25 15:58 all_objects_xt_2532.log