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    check the GL after craeting accounting in Purchasing



      i encountered warning meesage while running creating accounting in puchasing and i hope we canresolve it with your helps,

      after i ran the creating accounting request in purchasing responsibiliy, output of warning shows the deliver and receipt number with a transaction date which is in close period. here is the error message:


      The GL date 17-JUL-2014 is not in an open or a future enterable period.
      Please select a valid GL date or open the period.


      i survey the issue in application i got that , there is an issue (po number 740) that has been receive and deliver on prevoius period(July) but the PO forwarded  againg and reapprove in new period.(the last updated date is in AUG), i think it is the reason that sysstem wants to account it again, but i`m not sure about that this PO is accounted on July or not?

      i`m a little newbie on finance issue in oracle, and i dont know how to write a query that i can be sure that this PO accounted in July?

      and how can i rectify this issue? ignore thewarning or something else?

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          i got that users receieved and delivered some items after last month creating accounting and they have changed the transaction date manually into july period , it was my fault also , because i hadnt close the month after creating accounting.


          for any one who has the same problem , i did this :

          run creating accounting with just transfer to GL = Yes Post to GL = No , then i went through GL Entry and change the period.