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      I am facing an issue with 10g Client. My 10g DB is residing on a RH Linux Server. My application is developed using Power Builder 12.5. The OS of client is Windows 7 Professional.


      Now the issue.


      I've installed 10g Client on the Windows 7 Pro Machine. Connected successfully to the Database in RHL Server.


      When I log in to the Windows as Administrator, every thing is perfect. My Application is able to connect with the Server Successfully, fetch data from the server, write back to it etc.


      But when I log in as a standard user in Windows, my application is able to connect with the server successfully. But not able to retrieve anything from the server. For eg:- I am not even able to collect the date from the server dual. Run as administrator option also tried. But no avail.


      This is the first time I am trying to connect to an ORA DB in Linux from Windows client. Hence I am not sure about the process also.


      Please help..


      Thanks in advance..