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    AME or Position Heirarchy?


      Hi, I would like to know the Pros and Cons of using AME and Position Heirarchy.


      I'm trying to implement approvals in Purchase Requisition, however i'm encountering some problems, especially in the use of "common" approvers.

      Can anyone shed light on this?



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          I've successfully implemented AME and would like to share some insights.

          1. Approvals using Position Heirarchy is Limited, Linear and Striaght-forward. It does not support flexibility and complex business cases.
          2. AME gives the developer/business analyst full control of who you want to be an approver, it could be "hardcoded", or dynamic from a query.
          3. AME also gives you control to grant separate approvals in lines and headers, making it parallel and split into how you want it.
          4. As I've used, i've actually just enhanced Position Hierarchy rather than substituting to AME. i used position heirarchy, person and position to map out approvers.


          I've realized the power of AME and how it can really improve document approvals.

          hope this helps!