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    Corrupted config.xml rebuild or repair, Weblogic Console & EM works, BI not. Obiee 11G


      Hi, Im in trouble, because weblogic config.xml got corrupted after I started server with a bad startManagedWeblogic.sh.

      I used startManagedWeblogic.sh bi_server1 orabi.corp.com:7001 instead of orabi1.corp.com:7001.


      The problem is, that the orabi server is an another weblogic server with different config, and my weblogic server's config got corrupted, but first of all the config.xml got 16 pc-s backup, but none of them are the original.


      How can I build the app-development/library/startup-class area in the config.xml?

      I use now one generated backup_config xml, but BI doesn't work with this.


      What war files shall I write in, and where shall I find them?

      That was an original install of obiee11G.

      Now in analytics site I see http 404.

      EM says that bi_server1 is shutted down.

      Weblogis and ManagedWeblogic is in running mode.

      config.xml attached


      In this config.xml there are a lot of libraries and startup-classes, that are generated after crash I think.


      Thank you for your help