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    Getting "ORA-28576: lost RPC connection to external procedure agent" for R scripts.




      I am trying R integration with OBIEE. As part of this, I have created a simple R script for a scatter plot. Below is the R script





                              res <- 1:10

                              plot(1:100, rnorm(100), pch=21, bg="red", cex=2)





      I am testing this script in SQL Developer by executing the below sql:

      select image

      from table(rqEval(NULL,





      During these tests, very often, I get ORA-28576 error when I run the SQL. The complete error is:

      ORA-28576: lost RPC connection to external procedure agent

      ORA-06512: at "RQSYS.RQEVALIMPL", line 77

      ORA-06512: at "RQSYS.RQEVALIMPL", line 74

      28576. 00000 -  "lost RPC connection to external procedure agent"

      *Cause:    A fatal error occurred in either an RPC network connection,

                 the extproc agent, or the invoked 3GL after communication had

                 been established successfully.

      *Action:   First check the 3GL code you are invoking; the most likely

                 cause of this error is abnormal termination of the

                 invoked "C" routine. If this is not the case, check for

                 network problems. Correct the problem if you find it. If all

                 components appear to be normal but the problem persists, the

                 problem could be an internal logic error in the RPC transfer

                 code.  Contact your customer support representative.


      However, if I re-run the SQL, I do not get this message. This happens at random.


      Any pointers to why this error occurs?