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    ORACHK Failingat ./.cgrep/psqlplus line 128



      Could someone please let me know the problem if anyone has faced the below issue while running orachk 2.2.5.


      ~/temp> Argument "" isn't numeric in multiplication (*) at ./.cgrep/psqlplus line 128.

      ./orachk: line 22597: 10364 Killed                  $perl_cmd


      [1]+  Stopped                 ./orachk -a


      DB - 11203

      SLES - 10

      RAC - 3 Node Cluster




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          I had the same problem on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 (x86_64)

          Because all orachk shell scripts use "/bin/env bash" and /bin/env is not present on SuSE, the easiest is to create a link as root:


          cd /bin
          ln -s /usr/bin/env env

          Then run as oracle user orachk and it will be fine.

          Hope this helps.