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    ORACLE Change Notification Not Working




      Ever since we've upgraded to, Change Notification no longer works in our .NET Web applications. I had previously posted in the ODP.NET forum, but they suggested I repost here since it appears to be a database problem and not a .NET issue.


      Here's a little more info on what is going on from what I can tell:

      The database correctly registers the table or query that I am trying to create an oracle cache dependency on  ( I have verified this by looking in the DBA_CHANGE_NOTIFICATION_REGS), but It never seems to invalidate the data. Whenever I make a change to a table that is registered, the cache is never invalidated and a message is never sent to the web server indicating a change. For example, I create a simple query "Select UserTypeName from UserTypes". It registers properly. I add a value to the UserTypes Table. Notification of change is never sent. If i take the same exact code and put it on a or oracle database, everything works perfectly. This leads me to believe that this is a database problem and not a .NET problem


      I cannot find any errors in the oracle trace logs, the web server logs, or the windows event logs. I have also ran process monitor on both servers to see If I can catch anything there, but with no luck. I know there were bugs reported in earlier versions ( and where you had to have the same version of the client as the database server version in order for change notification to work properly, but these bugs should be fixed and I am also using the same client verion ( so I don't believe there is anything wrong there.


      If anybody has any idea what additional troubleshooting steps I can perform in order to pin point this problem, your help would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps there is some sort of logging feature I am unaware of for Change Notfication or other logs I can sifle through that may help?


      If we cannot find the solution to this issue, our only option will be to downgrade back to, but I don't really want to have to do that unless it's absolutely necessary.


      Thanks in advance!