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    FactoryTalk Transaction Manager and Oracle 10g


      Hi guys,


      First thank you for your time and sorry about my english. I'm kind lost and i thought that someone here could help me. I work with Industrial Automation and i need to make a connection between a PLC and a Supervisory System with an Oracle 10g database, to do that there's a software from Rockwell Automation called FactoryTalk Transaction Manager. In it's manual there's a paragraph:


      " ...

      Oracle OCI

      The Oracle Call Interface (OCI) enterprise database connector allows you to connect to database objects from an Oracle server. If you are using Oracle OCI in FactoryTalk Transaction Manager, you need to install SQL*NET 2.3x or later, Net8, or Oracle Net services (all from Oracle) locally. You can then connect to an Oracle database versions 9i through 11g.



      What i need to know is, what exactly do i need to install? I didn't find "Oracle Net services" to download. What i found was Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) for Windows Downloads

      which has several packages that i don't know what they do. Oracle database and Transcation Manager are in different computers but in the same network.


      Thank you very much for your attention.