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    Smart View  VBA API - "Not Initialized" Error

    Rick Romanko

      I am trying to get the HypSetPages function to work with a form in Excel:


      Public Sub SetPage()

      Dim lRC         As Long
      Dim lMembers    As Variant

      ReDim lMembers(0)

      lMembers(0) = "ENTITY#N5110"
      lRC = HypSetPages(Empty, lMembers)
      MsgBox GetReturnCodeMessage(lRC)

      End Sub


      It returns "Not Initialized".  The form is connected:  I can submit and and retrieve data from it.   What else do I need to do?


      BTW:  Using the literal "ENTITY#N5110" instead of the array returns a different error:  "Operation Cannot Take Place On The Specified Sheet"


      Thank you.