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    White Spaces, Tab and Line Breaks causes slow in query execution? What is the main reason behind it ?


      Hi All,

      I am facing weird issue in SQL query. Intitally i wrote the query with white spaces, tabs and Line Breaks after executing it slows down the database and finally i have to restart the database again. But after removing the whitespaces the query ran fine. I dont know what is the issue causing this slow execution but after removing white spaces from query everything works fine. I also confirmed with the explain plans both after removing white space and before had same results.


      I am using PL/SQL DEVLOPER TOOL, SQL developer, Toad and Oracle 11g.


      For eg.( in reference to my Original Query):













      (After removing white spaces)



      select * from dual;



      What would be the reason behind white spaces causing the slow execution?



      Please let me know if you need any further information on my issue.

      Thanks in Advance,