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    ManagedExecutorService vs ?


      Hi All,


      I'm using JDeveloper 12.1.3 with the bundled WebLogic server.


      I'm have a set of queries I'm running against an outside web service. Instead of doing these sequentially, I'd like to run portions of them in parallel.  For example, I want to turn the former into the latter ...



      - Poll Customers

      - Poll Vendors

      - Poll Items

      - Poll Sales Orders

      - Poll Purchase Orders



      A1 - Poll Customers | B1 Poll Vendors

      2 - Poll Items

      A3 - Poll Sales Orders | B3 Poll Purchase Orders


      If I can run in parallel, it should cut my query time in (approx.) half.  I thought of using a ManagedExecutorService such as described here with Glassfish (Java EE 7 (JSR 236) - Concurrency Utilities | kodcu.com) but I can't find the same in WebLogic.  What does WebLogic use for concurrency?