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    Oracle SQL Developer - The Debugging toolbar does not show in the Debugging-Log tab while debugging a PL/SQL package


      Hello All,


      I am encountering an issue debugging a PL/SQL stored procedure in Oracle SQL Developer (version, build 15.21).


      The procedure in question has been Compiled for Debug and the Debug command was issued.

      A breakpoint has been set in the code being debugged; subsequently, process execution has stopped at the line where the breakpoint was inserted.

      The Debugging-Log tab is then displayed; however, the debugging toolbar is not displayed.

      The Show Action Buttons in Log Window While Debugging checkbox is checked.


      What am I missing?  I have clicked and double-clicked on every panel of the UI (as well as mimimized/maximized the Debugging-Log tab) to see if there is some view mode that is preventing display of the toolbar.


      I'm out of ideas.  Any insights and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


      Chris Fleetwood

      Global Software, Inc.