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    Unable to log onto webcenter content records through desktop integration suite client


      Good Day,


      I have added a webcenter content: records server named 'URM Dev' to desktop integration suite but when I try to log on to the server I get the message "A connection with the server 'URM Dev' could not be established."


      I can log on to the server through the browser.

      My coworker can logon to the server through desktop integration and the browser.

      When my coworker tried logging on to the server via DIS on my PC he got the same error message.


      We are both using our admin users to try to log on to the server.


      I appreciate any help anyone can give.


      Kind Regards,



      Message was edited by: SandraTerry_540791 Thank-you all for your help but the problem has mysteriously resolved itself. Kind Regards, Sandra