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    Automatic save of file when compile plsql object




      SQLD 4.0.2


      I know this issue has been discussed before:

      When a file is compiled in the database, the file is automatically saved on the file system.


      In our environment, we have SVN. The files have a Read-only property in SVN, to prevent editing of a file without locking the file. After locking, the file is writable on the file system. After making the changes in the editor, the file is compiled in the database and saved on file system automatically. In the source we have revision tags. So the compiled version in the database hase the old revision number.

      Then the file is commited in SVN, the working copy is refreshed with a new revision number, and the plsql editor shows the new revision number. But compiling in the database is not possible, since the file file Read only again.


      So I would like the have an option for:

      - not to automatically save the file to the file system, or

      - automatically compile the file in the database.


      The second option would be the nicest.


      Best regards,