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    Why doesn't SQL Developer show the arrows (relations) between parent and child tables in my Entity Relationship diagram ?




      Oracle version:                     Oracle Database 11g Release - 64bit Production

      SQL Developer version: - Build 15.21


      I have a question about drawing Entity Relationship Diagram with SQL Developer & I would appreciate if you could kindly give me a hand.


      I wish to draw an Entity Relationship Diagram in order to view better the relationship among several tables. After searching on google, I found the following interesting article indicating how to do so:




      (What I need and I try to produce  is the Figure 4 in the above article)


      I proceeded exactly as indicated in the article & apparently everything worked pretty well, that is, I got several UML like rectangles showing tables' columns, their data types, primary and
      foreign key and the arrows indicating the link between each parent/child table.


      Later, I tried to the do the same on a different oracle instance and different database by using the very same procedure. Yet, this time something strange happened. SQL Developer printed on the screen the tables, again,
      inside rectangles with types, keys, ... but, there was no arrow showing the link among tables, I just saw on the grid the selected tables but without any association/relation shown (as arrow symbol)
      between them.


      I repeated the procedure on another development instance, with a few test tables that I created with primary and foreign keys just to make sure that I had followed the procedure correctly. Again

      the test was successfull but when I repeated the test on another instance, the same problem persisted, that is, no arrow (relation) between tables.


      Any idea?


      Could this be due some lack of privilege on the instance? If so, what should be granted in terms of role(s)?


      Thanks in advance