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    Obiee map problem - points on map shown with two different images.


      Vi have obiee where we have an analysis with a map.

      The base map, and theme is created in mapbuilder


      Vi present a variable shape  layer in the OBIEE map. The shape is a circle and has four different bins (using four different colours to show differences).

      A typical query can show  20- 30 positions on the map.


      So far so good.


      When we run the analysis, the following happens:

      1.     The 20-30 circles (with one of four different colours) are presented correctly on the map. These results appear directly on the map after we click on “Apply”

      2.     An hourglass appears and we have to wait for 20-60 seconds.

      3.     Then an  “x” appears at each of the 20-30 circles and the hourglass disappears. The “x” comes from the mapbuilder theme that we created if we don’t have any “Render Style” associated with the Style. If we have a render style, for example a simple small point, then that point appears together with the circle.


      Our question is  - how can we force mapbuilder to not render the “x” in the map. This is where we are getting terrible response times. 

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