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    Draw lines on an obiee map.


      What is the best approach to drawing lines on an obiee map.

      The base map is created In mapbuilder


      Our data is stored in our data warehouse. Right now we have 2 million rows in the table. Each row represents an x,y point on the map.


      A typical query in the obiee analysis can return  20- 30 x,y positions on the map. We are only at this time showing points on the map. We would like to present the positions as a line (arrow) showing the direction of flow (ordered by time) from one point to the next point, etc.


      Our question – how can we  draw these lines on the obiee map?

      (For instance, is it better with User Defined FOI layers or is it better using Theme-based FOI layers).


      Best Regards


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          This (show line with arrow from origin to destination based on report content) will likely require custom integration. So it'll be a user defined foi layer.


          See the HTML5 JSAPI examples in BI SampleApp V406. There's some workshop collateral which describes the steps. It's available for download from OTN

          Materials for the 2014 Oracle Spatial Summit Workshops




          contact me if you'd like more details.

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            Ok,  thanks for the tips. 


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              Hi Again!


              We have managed to get the map with line into our obiee dashboard using the Oracle Maps JS API.

              We are taking the data points in our rapport and sending them with the narrative view to the java script functions as described in the workshop examples. It works nicely.


              We are now wondering if we can draw this line onto a map that is created using the maps view in our obiee rapport. Our goal is show the line together with all the points. We could of course script this in our javascript, however we would like to show the points in our obiee map view together with a line connecting the points.


              As it is now in our "draw the line solution", we define a DIV for the map display


              <DIV id="map" style="width:400px;height:300px;padding:10px;"></DIV>


              And then in our javascript function we use the


              var mapview = new MVMapView(document.getElementById("map"), baseURL);


              We are wondering here if we can point to an obiee map view instead of the DIV “map” 


              We have tried various combinations of static text with javascript together with a map view, but can’t get a line to draw on the map.

              Does anyone have any idea how we can get our line into a map view?

              Best Regards