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    EBS Performance issue

    Katta Suresh

      Hi, One particular concurrent program is running for 80 minutes  to complete and today the same concurrent program completed in 450 minutes. how can we attach the good hash plan?

      Suresh Katta.

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          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle

          Please post the details of the application release, database version and OS.


          Do you have the statistics up to date?


          Is this a custom concurrent program or seeded one?


          Was this working before? If yes, any changes been done recently?


          If it's a seeded program I'd suggest logging a SR. If it's a custom one you can upload the TKPROF to any free hosting website and post the link here (I see some folks attaching files to their posts directly, never got a chance to try this myself).


          How To Trace a Concurrent Request And Generate TKPROF File (Doc ID 453527.1)




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            Katta Suresh

            Thanks for the quick response Hussein.

            Here is the information you requested.

            1. application release - 12.1.3, database version - and OS - red hat 5.5

            2. Statistics are up to date.

            3. yes, this a custom concurrent program.

            4. yes working before and No changes have been done.



            Suresh Katta

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              Hussein Sawwan-Oracle

              Hi Suresh,


              Have you generated the TKPROF file yet? If yes, could you please upload the file for us to review?