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    plsql editor stays in read only mode after locking file




      SQLD 4.0.2


      We are using SQL with SVN. The plsql files have a SVN property needs-lock to prevent editing without locking. When locking the file, the file should be editable in the editor.

      The following actions are taken:

      1- lock file

      2- edit file: file is in read only mode

      3- with plsql file editor still open, the menu option Version>Properties is opened, the lock is show and attribute is read/write

      4- file editor is closed

      5 edit file: file is editable


      So you have to open the same file twice to be able to edit. This happens most of the times, but sometimes the file editable at once.


      It seems like a bug.There are no messages in the logfile.