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    Unable to save sql file

    Gaétan Francoeur


      In SQL Developer 4, I'm unable to save a SQL file. The "Save" icon is greyed out.

      Any idea why?


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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          No.  In the early adopter releases prior to the 4.0.2 production release, there were some issues with Save, but not with Save remaining in a greyed out state after changing the worksheet's contents.  It might help if you give a detailed description of how you open the file / worksheet, how the file gets modified (keyboard input? copy/paste?), the exact version of SQL Developer in use, the OS, the JDK version, etc.


          If the contents have been changed, is the File > Save As menu item enabled?   If you attempt to close the worksheet, do you get a Save informational dialog popping up with a notification the file has been modified and asking if it should be saved?




          SQL Developer Team

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            Gaétan Francoeur




            Build 15.21


            What's weird is that Save all isn't greyed out, but it doesn't work either.

            All I do is connect to one of our databases and write a new SQL script.


            I tried both, keyboard input and copy/paste.

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              Gary Graham-Oracle

              When things get weird, we need some debugging feedback.  You can try a combination of ...

              1. Launching SQL Developer from a console window (...\sqldeveloper\bin\sqldeveloper.exe) to see if any messages appear in the console.

              2. In your sqldeveloper.conf file, change the line IncludeConfFile  sqldeveloper-nondebug.conf to use sqldeveloper-debug.conf instead.

              If you have View > Log open, then the Messages - Log tab may give some clues.