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    Procurement Terms and Conditions in custom BIP report


      We are developing a custom BIP report for printing Purchase Agreements. We created new Data model and a new report template that matches the customer's requirements. However, we are not able to print the Terms and conditions in this custom report.

      The custom report is placed in the Shared Folders/Custom/Procurement/Purchasing folder and we included the following code at the beginning of the custom report template -

      <?import: xdoxsl:///Procurement/Purchasing/prc_po_terms_and_conditions_sub.xsb?loc=${_XDOLOCALE}?>


      And at the end, where we want to print the Terms and Conditions, the following code -

      <xsl:apply-templates select=".//TermsAndConditions"/>


      But the Terms and conditions are not printed. Can someone please help out and point to me where the mistake is?


      Please note that the customer is on Fusion Procurement Release 8.