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    "Path not Found" error on Import


      We have been using an FDM application in our test environment for the last 18 months with no issues.


      Suddenly this month all users are getting "Path not Found" errors trying to import their files.


      We have the application path set up as a UNC path (that has never changed)  \\vmhoddlphp6\FDMApps\PlanA     (our D: drive)


      The only thing that changed in the environment was that we had a new drive set up to be used by a new FDM application we are building for Essbase loads.     This application will have it's application folder on this new drive (F: drive).


      Even though this is one overall FDM instance (Test environmnent), could there be a probme if we have applications folders on different drives?


      Or what might cause this Path not Found error on import?