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    Difference in behaviour of /* on SQLPLUS and SQLPLUS via RCU


      I am trying to create a repository (schema) by using the Repository Creation Utility (RCU). At one point during the creation, I have coded the RCU to load a series of objects into the schema. These objects are all in the from of .sql files. The SQL files themselves have SQL code as well as a lot of comments. A master SQL file loads the collection of SQL files into the schema by taking an SQLPLUS connection. Each file execution is separated from the other by a separator i.e. slash /.


      A typical SQL file starts thus






      SQL CODE



      The various SQL files are inconsistent in their usage of / at the end of the files. Some files have a / at the end. There are other files which do not. In order to ensure that the SQLPLUS does not wait for the user to press a carriage return (ENTER), the call is individual SQL is separated by a /.


      However at times this separator gets treated as a command in itself, resulting in unnecessary errors in the RCU logs. To circumvent this problem, we have disabled the command / in the product_user_profile table.


      However, now the SQL files that have comments right at the top as shown above, do not execute correctly with the error message as "SP2-0544: Command "/*" disabled in Product User Profile"


      I am unable to understand why the RCU has interpreted that /* as a single command /.


      The irony is that via a direct SQLPLUS connections, things work perfectly and the error message above is not encountered.


      Please help.