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    Import Standard Purchase Orders


      Hi Experts,


      I'm working in EBS 12.1.3, i'm creating the PO (Purchase Orders) using interface method. I inserted data into po interface tables and running 'Import Standard Purchase Orders' to create POs; It's working fine. My requirement is to submit  the 'Import Standard Purchase Orders' program using fnd_request.submit_request in a procedure and register that as concurrent program; when i submit the procuedure concurrent program, it's not picking the records from interface table, but if i directly submit the 'Import Standard Purchase Orders', it's picking up records.


      Could somebody help on this at the earliest.


      Note: I have set below things in my procedure before submitting 'Import Standard Purchase Orders' using fnd_request.submit_request.


      1.set the org

      2.initiliazed apps