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      Hi, I'm new in this community.

      I have a problem with creation of table in a db installed into a Mysl server.

      I installed on my pc Oracle sql developer (version 4.0.0) and XAMPP.

      XAMPP allows me to use a local Mysql server.

      • Server: via TCP/IP
      • Server type: MySQL
      • Server version: 5.6.20 - MySQL Community Server (GPL)
      • Protocol version: 10
      • User: root@localhost
      •   Server charset:    UTF-8 Unicode (utf8)

         I also installed the third-party JDBC driver mysql-connector-java-5.0.8-bin.jar.

          When I connect to my local Mysql server I use the root user.

            I have no problem to create a table by sql query.

           I would create a table  using the drop-down-list who appears when I do righ click on the table icon of my database but the New table item is gray.


      How can I enable the New table item of the drop down list ?

      Can you help me ?

      Thanks to all.