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    Export/Import data through sdcli


      Hi All ,

             We got a requirement where we need to export/import data's between two databases using the sqldeveloper's command line  sdcli.


            We did many analysis , but we were not able to get a clear instruction.


            Can you please help us in this .


      With Regards,

      Saravanan Spance

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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          Regarding exports from the command line, try running sdcli -help and sdcli -help cart to see what is available.  There is, however, currently no equivalent functionality for imports from the command line.  Perhaps sdcli -help dba is more appropriate for your use case -- see specifically the help for dbcopy


          That is the best I can advise for now as the documentation seems minimal.

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            We could copy the data from a table in oracle db which is on-premise to the table in oracle could db instance using sqldeveloper cloud connector and cart functionality. During the deploy process, sqldeveloper created a zip file. This zip file contains couple of files like CTL, SQL, SQLDEV, LDR.  We are looking for a way to run this data load option from from command line.


            How can we achieved this. Would appreciate if can provide reference to any documentation available with example on this.


            Thanks in advance,