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    Tables in FDM


      Dear All,


      I wounder which database tables of FDQM  should I be accessing in order to fetch data relating to Mapping and Uploaded Data.

      Once I get to know this I can build some view tables based on these tables.


      I have tried connecting to FDQM Schema and able to see lot many tables, not sure which table to pick in order get the desired data.

      Please help me in this regard.



      Thanks & Regards.

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          For mapping look for TDATAMAPSEG table

          for imported data look for TDATASEG & TDATASEG1,2....

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            To get the correct tDataSegx table for a particular location take a look at the PartSegmentKey field in the tPOVPartition table for the associated Location ID (PartitionKey). Also bear in mind that FDM already as pre-built views that provide this sort information already e.g. vData, vDataFact, vDataMap etc

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              I have tired to check for these table like TDATAMAPSEG, vData, VDataFact but could not find them in the list of  available tables in the FDM Schema (Schema which we have used while configuring FDM) .

              And tables which we can see they don't have any data, although we can check & extract data from FDM application.


              Please let me know where I can check for these tables that would be of great help.



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                Are you using FDM or FDMEE and if FDM which version of FDM are you using?
                What tables can you see in your schema as tDataMap should definitely be there regardless of product type/version.




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                  Thank you SH & SSN01 for your valuable time and suggestions, I could find the tables.