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    In isupplier when after regestring the supplier ...


      when the supplier logs in and clicks on the isupportal portal full access he gets an error " The set-up for the current user allows access beyond a single supplier hierarchy or its sites or contacts. Please contact the system administrator to correct the definition of current user set-up."

      I checked metalink note 734466.1... and also confirm there is no circular relationship in supplier.

      ICX attributes are set correctly. Please find the screenshot attached.

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          3. Ensure that the securing attributes ICX_SUPPLIER_ORG_ID and ICX_SUPPLIER_SITE_ID are defined on the responsibility being used by the supplier user.
          a. Security > Responsibility > Define
          b. Query the responsibility "iSupplier Portal Full Access"
          c. Click the Attributes tab
          d. Verify that the rows exist for the following attributes.  If they do not exist, add the rows:
          - Name = ICX_SUPPLIER_ORG_ID, Application = iSupplier Portal
          - Name = ICX_SUPPLIER_SITE_ID, Application = iSupplier Portal

          e. Save the changes.

          Please perform the above steps from the metalink note ID: 1109025.1

          Please update if this works.