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    How to exclude pattern in Generic Incident metric?


      With old Generic Alert Log Error metric it was easy to filter out unwanted ORA errors but in 11g the metric Generic Incident also monitor the alert log errors and generate alerts.

      Using a perl expression how to do to exclude unwanted pattern like for example ORA-00700:[xyzxyz...] ?

      Supposed that the default value is .* ?


      Thanks in advance


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          Hi Rosario


          Below note has steps to filter unwanted alerts.

          Monitoring 10g Database Alert Log Errors in Enterprise Manager Grid Control 10g (Doc ID 976982.1)


          You can test  alert and severity at which it will be raised (warning/critical) using the perl script provided in the doc.

          it looks something like below.

          perl test.pl ".*ORA-0*(54|1142|1146)\D.*" "ORA-[0-9]+[^0-9]" "ORA-0*(600?|7445)[^0-9]" "ORA-05555 Some error text"
          This error would raise a Warning Alert


          Hope abv helps