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    Translation Rule - Not picking up the rates.


      Dear All,


      According to our customer requirement we need to have a different rate to that of normal exchange rate.

      So we have used Rules to define the same.


      As there are some P&L accounts for which these different rate (Say Special Rate) should be applied, we have used TransPeriodic String to apply the rule as follows.


      If HS.ENTITY.Member = "NORTH" Then

        IF HS.Year.Member() = "2013" Then

        If strAccount = "12345" or strAccount = "12346" or strAccount = "12347" Then

        If HS.Period.Member() = "May" Then

        HS.TransPeriodic "A#"&strAccount , "A#"&strAccount, 60, ""

        ElseIf HS.Period.Member() = "June" Then

        HS.TransPeriodic "A#"&strAccount , "A#"&strAccount, 70, ""

        ElseIf HS.Period.Member() = "July" Then

        HS.TransPeriodic "A#"&strAccount , "A#"&strAccount, 80, ""

        ElseIf HS.Period.Member() = "August" Then

        HS.TransPeriodic "A#"&strAccount , "A#"&strAccount, 90, ""

        End If


      When we have checked this rule in our UAT it is working fine for May, June, July but it is not picking for "August".

      For August it is not picking Special Rate it is picking normal Exchange Rate.


      Am i missing anything to enable in August so that it can pick the rule file and calculate the special rate.